Key Publications

Employee representation and financial leverage, with Chen Lin and Yuhai Xuan
Journal of Financial Economics, accepted

Production flexibility, product markets, and capital structure decisions, with Sebastian J. Reinartz
Review of Financial Studies, 2016

Control considerations, creditor monitoring, and the capital structure of family firms
Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013

Working Papers

Women on corporate boards: Good or bad?, with Daniel Urban
presented at AFA 2016, FIRS 2016, SGF 2016, VHB 2016, and Paris December Meeting 2015

Is Skin in the Game a Game Changer? Evidence from Mandatory Changes to D&O Insurance Policies, with Chen Lin, Micah Officer, and Hong Zou
presented at CICF 2016 and AFA 2017

Conflict or Collusion? How Employees in the Boardroom affect Compensation, with Chen Lin and Yang Sun
presented at EFA 2016 and FIRS 2017

Afraid of Your Workers? CEOs, Strikes and Financing Decisions, with Daniel Bias
presented at AFA 2017

Price Risk, Production Flexibility, and Liquidity Management: Evidence from Electricity Generating Firms, with Chen Lin and Mike Weisbach
presented at the 2017 University of Oklahoma Energy and Commodities Finance Research Conference