Main Publications
Female directors and firm value: new evidence from directors’ deaths, with Daniel Urban
Management Science, 2023

Product price risk and liquidity management: evidence from the electricity industry, with Chen Lin and Mike Weisbach
Management Science, 2021

Is skin in the game a game changer? Evidence from mandatory changes to D&O insurance policies, with Chen Lin, Micah Officer, Hong Zou
Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2019

Employee representation and financial leverage, with Chen Lin and Yuhai Xuan
Journal of Financial Economics, 2018

Production flexibility, product markets, and capital structure decisions, with Sebastian J. Reinartz
Review of Financial Studies, 2016

Family firms and R&D behavior – New evidence from a large-scale survey, with A.-K. Achleitner, C. Kaserer, and M. Ampenberger.
Research Policy, 2014

The value of financial flexibility and corporate financial policy, with Marc Steffen Rapp and Daniel Urban
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2014

Why do firms (not) hedge? – Novel evidence on cultural influence, with Martin Lievenbrück
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2014

Control considerations, creditor monitoring, and the capital structure of family firms
Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013

Working Papers
Demand Volatility and Firms’ Investments in Operating Flexibility: Evidence from Planned Power Plants, with Chen Lin and Mike Weisbach
presented at the 2019 Oklahoma Energy Finance Conference & EFA 2020, R&R

Employee representation and the manager-to-worker pay ratio, with Chen Lin and Yang Sun
presented at EFA 2016 and FIRS 2017, R&R

Employee Board Representation and Capital Investment, with Qinglu Jin, Hui Ma, and Guochang Zhang, R&R

Directors’ incentives from potential regulatory penalties: Evidence from their voting, with Wenzhi (Dave) Ding, Chen Lin, and Mike Weisbach

Within-firm wage inequality and employee incentives, with Daniel Bias, Chen Lin, and Ben Lochner
presented at the EEA 2019 & EFA 2021

Does board size matter?, with Dirk Jenter and Daniel Urban
presented at AFA 2019, SFS Cavalcade 2018, CEPR Spring Symposium 2018, and Gerzensee Symposium 2018
featured on Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

Do employees prefer conservative accounting?, with Chen Lin and Huai Zhang
presented at American Accounting Association Meeting 2022

Do outside directorships influence CEO decision making? Evidence from labor strikes, with Daniel Bias
presented at AFA 2017

How does Green Energy affect Electricity Prices? [draft available soon!]